Thursday, May 28, 2009

What the Heart Can't Contain

Have you ever been bothered by something so terribly, yet you do not pay much attention, perhaps because you think it's really irrelevant or that you've got other better things to think about rather than being consumed by negative feelings?

And yet at the end of the day, that same thing that you've been trying to disregard becomes your last thought, and it still haunts you. Just as you thought it was nothing big, you begin to recognize something more than what it seems, something so disturbing that eats you up inside. And then finally in your aloneness, when you have disregarded your pride, you acknowledge that yes, this nonsense thing isn't really nonsense at all.

When the heart can't contain this huge deal of burden, it needs a form of letting go. Most often than not, to another heart who's willing to listen, who can still understand between sobs, who doesn't judge, who stays by until you've yelled all you want and until you've cried your heart out.

This amazing heart always comes knocking at your own stubbornness, saying "talk to me…" And when you’ve heed to this call, you'll have the most wonderful peace you never thought could still dominate your once burdened heart. You'll feel love so deep you'll wonder why you even tried to manage it on your own and why you hadn’t opened up before.

When you think nobody would understand and that you've no one to talk to, He is never busy to listen. All He desires is that you pour yourself to Him and what your heart can't contain…He will carry it for you.

Just had such a great time with God last night. =)

He Will Carry Me Cover - Ryan Holliday


  1. hey, thanks for the comment! Truth to tell, it's only now that I've begun to appreciate the music of the E-heads (vulgarity issues aside he he)...

  2. This is just awesome!!! You made my day