Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Choice on Vday

I know this may be too delayed already for my Valentine's entry. But it doesn't mean I can't write about it anymore, right?

I was excited for the party I was supposed to attend on Vday. It was themed "True Love Waits." It was a party organized by our church intended for the youth. You know how these young people get to be too impulsive when it comes to love. They always think that this person is the one! I should know right? I've been there. I know I'm no longer considered part of the youth but I'm part of the emerging leaders for this group.

After work, I headed back home to have lunch with my dad before I take off to the party. Unfortunately, my dad was not feeling well. I was very reluctant to leave. My dad's my number one critic on my new-found faith and if I decided to leave, that would make it harder for both of us to remain in good terms when it comes to my relationship with God.

But as much as I wanted to go to the party, I had to make a choice. So I called my friend and told her I wouldn't be able to join them anymore. I couldn't bear leaving my dad sick at home while I and my brother were out celebrating valentines' day. So I remained at home and satisfied myself with watching DVD of Twilight and Heroes.

Most of the time, if I want something, I am so stubborn and selfish to get what I want. Had it been years before, I would've gone for that party without even considering my dad's condition, thinking that there's nothing else I could do. He locked himself at his room anyway. But as I continue to know God more, I know that even the littlest of my actions matter. In that very simple way, forgetting about the fun of the party even if I was ecstatic about it just the night before, and staying with my dad, I knew I've made him feel loved and it's a choice I'd never regret. It's more fun to give out of love than to get something out of personal reasons.

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  1. Yeah, I remember this.. hinanap ka namin nun eh. haha. And I'm sure your dad appreciated that Vday. ;)