Monday, February 2, 2009

When it isn't about you this time

Who isn’t thinking of becoming successful, being happy or getting the best in this life?

Do we not wake up in the morning preoccupied on running our life and making the most of it?

Do we not sometimes look at people thinking what can we possibly get from this person? Is he an asset or liability to my race?

Or even as we walk the streets, do we not think that all eyes are on us and we’re being watched by the world?

Do we not want to get recognition for every little thing that we do? Do we not mimic a child saying “hey dad! watch me! watch what i can do!”

Talk about being self-absorbed.

We are so consumed by ourselves that we sometimes think that the world has to stop and care for us, to listen and give us what we want.

Do we not like those people or guys (he he sorry) who just love to talk about their curriculum vitae and enumerate all their accomplishments, then give you 5 seconds to comment an “ah” or “ok” or maybe applaud? then continue rambling?

The ‘me-attitude’ is always not the best option.

In life, I think the more we focus on ourselves, the more we find that too much is lacking. Sometimes, when we shift our focus from ourselves, to what we can do for others, it’s where we find true fulfillment.

I’ve read a book once saying our own comfort comes when we give comfort to others. Financial sufficiency comes from sparing some of our own for others. It’s hard to understand but it works.

Most of the time, there are far greater things in this world than our own. And since we are concentrated with our own little world, we neglect to recognize our responsibility with other people and yes I believe we have.

Sometimes, it isn’t just about us anymore.

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